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What are live-action role-playing quests?
Live quests are communicative role-playing, partly psychological, partly strategic, but necessarily with an intriguing plot and simple rules.
In live quests, You can become almost anyone: Julius Caesar, a gangster from the Wild West, Doge of Venice or a simple fisherman from the far coast of Canada.
You interact with other players and learn more and more storylines, and this information helps you to fulfill your goals.
Suspicions, intrigues, conclusion of dangerous alliances, "murders" and even pieces of advice from the "victims from beyond the grave" - all this instantly got into the swing of rapidly unfolding events, and now here you do not understand to whom, friend or enemy, you have just told about your true goal.
ADVANTAGES OF QUESTS over other leisure activities
The game will allow you to taste the freedom, erasing for a while the framework of their real roles in life, whether you are an ordinary student or the head of the company - you will play a completely new role for yourself.
The game will create an inspiring atmosphere, through which you can manifest your hidden talents, show ingenuity and initiative.
A live quest teaches you to make the right decisions, draw the proper conclusions, look for the right information, find allies and fight against enemies. During the game, such skills as communication, creativity, logic, etc. are improved.
Live quest "Wild West"
A hot prairie wind brought changes to the small town of Las Cabos, hidden in the far West. Mayoral election, mutual hatred of cowboys and Indians, a gang terrorizing the district, and even the only saloon "Red mare" is not having its finest hour, and these strange people with cci .cine.. cinematography! Who will bring order and establish its authority? You decide..
Live quest "Cabaret Paris cat"
Paris, 1938, the world frets, as if in fever. the war in China continues, Hitler received the post of Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Germany began the Anschluss of Austria, Czechoslovakia is taken by pieces, in France, there is a new Prime Minister Edouard Daladier, the cabaret "Paris cat" is a joyful and frivolous place. Beautiful women distract from heavy thoughts, champagne flows like water, allowing you to forget, and the gorgeous Lili Mar with her charming voice takes visitors to Happy Land. But suddenly a wild cry is heard from the dressing room. What happened?
Live quest "Venetian mask"
On Christmas Eve Venice Doge always gives a beautiful ball. The music comes, the ladies look like beautiful fairies in their colorful rich dresses, masks hide their faces and you can, without feeling any shame, do anything you want. Traditionally, at the said ball, Doge is generous with gifts and promises. But not everyone comes to the ball to have fun and dissipate winter yearning: someone comes here to pursue their personal goals. Whether it succeeds or not, we learn at the very end when all the masks are removed. Unprecedented wealth or death in a ditch.? Forbidden passion or poison in a glass of wine? What do you get? .. - it depends on you!
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